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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here we go...

I haven't been back on blogger land since myspace and I found each other....

but since I can use this forum for other musings, and philosorizing etc....we shall rekindle what I had thought of of as one more place I couldn't live up to.

As for my latest and greatest: it has been a '06- '07 season of epic porportions. This time last year I had opened my second original piece Recuerdos de mi Mama: Tributo a la Epoca de Oro. I played one of the best female roles I have ever experienced in Taming of the Shrew under the vision of Teatro de la Rosa's captain and comrade, Yvonne Duque. A surreal summer followed with my mother's chemo, solidarity with family, friends. I blazed the fall with a community project, producing the Day of the Dead event at the Metrognome Collective. Working with the most talented people of Fort Worth, it was an evening of true diversity, a celebration of art and remembrance. It was one of the most beautiful memories of Fort Worth I will ever have.

In October, I accepted the position as Interim Artistic Director of Cara Mia Theater of Dallas and directed/ produced Nuestra Pastorela at the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas. I learned so much from the experience . I realized the incredible energy and determination my predecessor accomplished with the company. A taste is what I needed as I realized I needed to ripen a bit before running a theater company. I still have knives to sharpen.

Winter came and I found my new year in New York to make a promise. I came back depleted, exhausted, heartbroken, time for growth I guess. This is where I learned to lift a hand, to call a friend, to be open again and see inside for longer than I ever thought I could bear. Hard, dark, scarred and bruised...I collected myself and now with a place for all my new realized breath. I am in the light again and on the saddle.

I am now directing Les Liaisons Dangereuses for Fort Worth Theater. I play I would have only dreamed about doing. I am also directing for Sound Culture's week of 365 days/365 plays by Susan Lori Parks (poet/writer and mentor Tammy Gomez's production company).

As far as my promise I made to a friend... to celebrate New Year's 2008 in NYC as local. I keep my promise in May.

So I open these pages remember, to observe, to honor, to dream as I take in my Fort Worth days and my Big Apple future.