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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here we go...

I haven't been back on blogger land since myspace and I found each other....

but since I can use this forum for other musings, and philosorizing etc....we shall rekindle what I had thought of of as one more place I couldn't live up to.

As for my latest and greatest: it has been a '06- '07 season of epic porportions. This time last year I had opened my second original piece Recuerdos de mi Mama: Tributo a la Epoca de Oro. I played one of the best female roles I have ever experienced in Taming of the Shrew under the vision of Teatro de la Rosa's captain and comrade, Yvonne Duque. A surreal summer followed with my mother's chemo, solidarity with family, friends. I blazed the fall with a community project, producing the Day of the Dead event at the Metrognome Collective. Working with the most talented people of Fort Worth, it was an evening of true diversity, a celebration of art and remembrance. It was one of the most beautiful memories of Fort Worth I will ever have.

In October, I accepted the position as Interim Artistic Director of Cara Mia Theater of Dallas and directed/ produced Nuestra Pastorela at the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas. I learned so much from the experience . I realized the incredible energy and determination my predecessor accomplished with the company. A taste is what I needed as I realized I needed to ripen a bit before running a theater company. I still have knives to sharpen.

Winter came and I found my new year in New York to make a promise. I came back depleted, exhausted, heartbroken, time for growth I guess. This is where I learned to lift a hand, to call a friend, to be open again and see inside for longer than I ever thought I could bear. Hard, dark, scarred and bruised...I collected myself and now with a place for all my new realized breath. I am in the light again and on the saddle.

I am now directing Les Liaisons Dangereuses for Fort Worth Theater. I play I would have only dreamed about doing. I am also directing for Sound Culture's week of 365 days/365 plays by Susan Lori Parks (poet/writer and mentor Tammy Gomez's production company).

As far as my promise I made to a friend... to celebrate New Year's 2008 in NYC as local. I keep my promise in May.

So I open these pages remember, to observe, to honor, to dream as I take in my Fort Worth days and my Big Apple future.


Anonymous Yvonne said...

funny that I came across your blog today. I too am one with Myspace and realize now how I miss this old on to Stashbauber...One year much growth...I am still healing from my famous fall on my knee in the scene many changes since that moment...

5:53 PM  
Blogger a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

write more, hermana.
this kind of introspection
is good.
this kind of writing
(vs. the word bytes of
myspace) is what will
help cultivate your evolving

en solidaridad,

7:05 PM  
Blogger Bram said...

Dear sister, alas I find this, your blog. I too echo previous comments that find this a perfect medium for you. Its too bad I find this two years after your last post. I would have encouraged you to keep it up. But its not too late to get back at it. I hope to see more, you truly shine here.

in blood and ink,


7:36 AM  

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