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guerillera de la cultura

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why not?

817 There is room here to create. I've been saying that a lot lately, but its true. Room to fight a good fight. Mine:
  • getting kids to listen to believe in something bigger than a TV screen,
  • getting asses in seats to see play, a different world that can question ways or celebrate them
  • pushing for awareness and critical thought

Fort Worth is really good to me.

Our little theater company is pluggin' along making, it happen. It is very scary having to prove yourself as an artist without that college receipt. It is scary putting your own living breathing brain baby out here to be heard and seen. I am currently in the midst birthing to two of them. I just have to trust whatever propels the artist's wheel. For a small theater company, its hard to convince people you are worth watching when your budget can't dazzle like a Casa dome, or when you can't identify with white bread shows like Music Man or Moon for the Misbegotten , but then challenge is so delicious, rewarding, savory. We get to provide something different, a stage for the non-represented. Hopefully relating to audiences warmly and truthfully so they can value the power of the collective experience of human reflection.

Theater of bare bones and real people
no gloss, no exclusivity,
but honesty, grit and mindful artistry.
for the people, by the people
to say we are here
we exist in this world
these are our stories
these are our voices- these our lives
lets look, lets listen, lets learn.