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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Voices of the 99%: Dear Mayor Bloomberg

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,


As you have created new regulations to protect the interests of your political alliances and not your citizens, we urge you to seriously consider the aftermath of what is going to be your own undoing.   It is clear and evident you are part of the nation’s percentage that is pinning Americans under their knees like the NYPD on peaceful demonstrators.   The government which you serve has economically exploited, unlawfully criminalized, and unjustly marginalized Americans for too long. Whether you like it or not, this Occupying Movement is the true democracy of our time.   

From reporters, lawyers, elderly, minors , legal immigrants, homeless, students, workers, labor unions, educators, nurses and more are all the contributing citizens in this demonstration. Your baton bashing, dishonest enforcements  have pushed the frustration with your unethical politics beyond a breaking point into a solidified resolve among your New Yorkers.  Cities across the nation are organizing and uniting in efforts to bring awareness and call for reform peacefully, transparently with collaborative consensus, community, and consciousness.   These citizens are a mirror of the first American Revolution,  now emerging in this new century.  

We urge you to listen. We urge you to have dialog with your citizens to discuss the reform that this country is urgently due.  Your dismissal of the message with patronizing actions and words only highlight the true interests of your ambitions.  Your interests are not with the majority of tax-paying citizens living in the city which you serve.  These peaceful demonstrators from all walks of life have joined to make a stronger voice to change a nation in the interest of all, to reclaim pride and no longer assume the role of victims to violent and salient profit-mongering, social injustice, policing of our rights.  
Criminalizing this movement will not be in your best interest, Mr. Bloomberg.  Do not attempt to sweep away a national outcry.  The founders of this nation instituted the right for free assembly.  Do not infringe on our rights.  Like a child abuser trying to snuff the noise of the abused, you are choosing to muzzle the abused Americans of your city. The noise you are trying to prevent will only get louder.  The world is watching. 

Claudia Acosta


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