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Monday, February 01, 2010

The Girlie Stories HERStory

2010 Has brought the most cosmic magic into my life. With major milestones and celebrations abound among friends and loved ones, my own actually feel real in their company. These victories feel like rebirth. That breath that is spanked out of you to remind you of your lungs and pulse. Each feat, each effort, each hope manifested to build on the dream inspires a deeper appreciation for my heartbeat, my breath, my thoughts, my fears, my hopes, my eyes, my ears...

To honor the regard presented to me by the beautiful universe, I got to shout out and keep on keepin' on the best I know forever workin' towards better. Life is short friends. One love.

Nine years ago, I played Terry in Hip Pocket Theater's production of On the Road by Kerouac. Terry, the young Mexican mother Sal Paradise chose for his spicy retreat in California. Director Johnny Simons, pulled and cut out the play straight from the pages of Kerouac's time with a Burroughs flourish. It was the most timeless, unforgettable stage train de force, the whole company still shares with deep care. Again, someone took a chance on me and gave me Terry to tell Her story:

Terry- My story is this: I have a husband and child. My husband beats me. So I left him, left my little son with my family, who are grapepickers and we live in a shack in the vineyards. I have nothing to do but brood and get mad. But I love to talk with you. I wish I could go to New York.

Sal Paradise - Maybe you could.

I was just coming into my woman and freedom. I took to Mom's past to try understand little Terry. After opening my eyes to the broader story of the female, I had to question. Question. Question. I lived the Mexicana myth of that period for an eternal brief moment on stage. My maiden mind had to find the new herstory to define. I did and discovered something I never imagined I could do: make an idea come alive.

I made it to New York. My heart likes to dream Kerouac's ghost wished it for me and this little endeavor I chose to take had a life and left, but found its way back to me. The little pieces of what I wanted to discover as woman then, make my present days the greatest gifts.

I am blessed to present "Girlie Stories", my first one-act of nine monologues, is now published in the anthology TABOO THEATER: Sex and Violence on Stage by John Wayne Shafer. Mr. Shafer was my first theater professor. Mr. Shafer believed in my pen and gave me a chance.

Excerpt from the Introduction of TABOO THEATER

"Some collections stop at the historical. Those masters validate our connection to our ancestors. But, we need one additional element to complete the connection with our present. There are four vibrantly young new voices. Their plays have not been previously published. In widely different regions, they chose to write about the relationships surrounding sex and/or violence. Girlie Stories by Claudia Acosta was first performed in Texas and received honors from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Oral by Hannah Kugelmann was presented at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Sweet Stuff by Jayme McGhan was written in Nevada and received honors from the Association of Theatre in Higher Education. Backseats and Bathroom Stalls by Rob Mersola premiered in New York at the Kraine Theatre. The LA Times has called it a “cult hit.” These playwrights reflect the same need to ponder our impulses."

I received a message from a fellow teaching artist and friend I had the honor to work with during my time with Creative Arts Team. Ihe work we did in Riker's Island left it's mark on my memory and character. My friend performed a monologue from the play for the incarcerated girls at the Rose M. Singer as a vehicle to explore womanhood. According to my friend, it seemed to leave an impression and the young ladies asked to have copies of the piece. In lieu of the inspiration of my latest project, the request ignited my heart to keep moving forward.

Nine years later, nine monologues of a twenty year old's wonder are now in these pages. Nine years later, I am in the skin of new forged definition of Woman. The evolving Woman I will own to be for a while. Now full with new stories, I am ready to deliver.


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