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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Mujeres Sin Miedo
Women without Fear

hosted by Fort Worth Arts Consortium

8pm tonight

Local women artists and poets dedicate their performances to the people of Atenco.

On May 4th the Mexican government has sent federal police (basically army) to remove the local campesinos from their lands that have been expropriated violently from their lands to make way for a new airport. About two hundred people are politcal prisoners, among them women, farmers and journalists. The women arrested have been raped and beaten. Deaths, battered children and shredded homes have been reported.
Comrades in Rome, Canada, Australia, Seattle Houston, and all of Mexico as risen in protests and stages to show solidarity and demand justice by reproching the government.

enhanced actual Atenco pictures. Please hit Mexico link for more images.


Blogger bodega train said...

Too bad my wife and I are not in FW for the show. We lived in central Mexico for several years and have a perpetual interest in all happenings down there.
Adios por ahora.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Jesus del Norte said...

I am sorry that I missed this. I havent look at your blog in a while and I am really digging it - "guerillera de la cultura", indeed.

You may know about this, but there is a hell of a deal going on in Oaxaca - read here.

This site has several stories about the Oaxaca movement.

Some people are already calling this the front end of the revolution.

Also, the Lopez Obrador electoral protests are full of street theatre, etc. Some folks are calling it the "Designer Uprising". Read here

4:55 PM  
Blogger sappho said...

Just found your blog via Jesus's blog, & I LOVE it!
keep up the great work, comrade!

And I agree with Jesus, the events in Oaxaca are looking to be the beginnings of a revolution. Maybe that is why the racist, imperialistc United States wants so badly to kick out all people of Latin descent & lock down the borders. Fear of the revolution spreading to the U.S. is unbearable to the White House.
I'd like to see them hold down 12 million+ people of latin descent, not to mention their supporters!
Viva la revolution!

7:14 PM  

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