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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Barack Obama

The basis of the plea to you is shared and simple. It is a plea for the respect of the American population. In the dust of crumbling towers, still soaked in a drowned city's neglect, lost in smoke and burning dollars, the devalued people of your country are taking the last pieces of generosity to a broken Haiti as a wish. To preserve, salvage, comfort, resuscitate, empathize and act. Despite the limited lens of America, we imagined once again, a greater loss. Here, your country dials 911. It is a national disaster:

When your nation is scrambling for crumbs to feed themselves.
When ALL your citizens can't care for their health.
When prisons are black and latino boarding schools.
When ALL women can't choose.
When gender is a limation to be able to honor love's union.
When a country won't lift a gentle hand for the world, but armfuls of armour for the royal terrorists of corporatacracy....

911. It's an emergency. Your unsuccessful attempt to rehabilitate a nation demands an intervention. Resist the corruption, detox from the red interests, say "no" to injustice.

As an American, I ask you to listen. As an American of Color, I ask you to balance the inequality. As an American woman,  I ask you to honor your nations priorities. As a human, I ask you to reorganize your plans to enact the missions we elected you to fulfill and implement.


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